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Okay, so I pulled these cards and traded for some of them after Theros came out, and this is the best deck I could make.

I'm rather new to magic, and my deck building skills are not the best, so any comments on what to add/remove to make my deck that little bit better will be appreciated.

One thing to note is I'm trying to make a human soldier token deck, lasting until I can get Elspeth out and kicking while pumping up creatures with enchantments and protecting with some counter cards.

I have a budget of around 20 or $35 just to let you know.

Thanks :)



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Date added 4 years
Last updated 4 years

This deck is Standard legal.

Cards 67
Avg. CMC 1.67
Tokens 1/1 Bird, 1/1 Soldier, Elspeth
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