Theros Burn

Standard Burn R/W (Boros)

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My first attempt at a standard deck, too bad I could never afford it. I built this because I love Chandra, I love Phoenixes, and I love Burn.

Before you leave comments please keep in mind I have never played standard so I have no idea if this is a good deck or even tournament legal. So please don't troll me.

I wanted to go mono red but Since Theros is an enchantment set and Red has no way to deal with enchantments I went with R/W so I could add Boros Charm and Warleader's Helix.

Still not sure if I like the Boros Reckoner more than the Legionnaire.

8bitJesus says... #1


I like the direction this is going. R/W burn seems like it could be quite powerful. I do question the reason for Wear / Tear in your main though. I would probably run a full playset of Shock instead (probably cutting a land for the fourth). Typically burn decks don't want any lands that come into play tapped, so I am unsure of how well 4 Temple of Triumph really are, I myself would probably not go over 2 if any. I also think you'd like Boros Reckoner a lot more than the Skyknight Legionnaire .

Your sideboard looks pretty good, though if you do run the Reckoners main I would move Act of Treason to your sideboard.

Other cards I like but would be more meta game specific would be Mindsparker for control, Burning Earth for greedy mana bases, and Peak Eruption if Red continues to be a thing in standard.

On a personal note. I would really like to see Spark Trooper work, though with Loxodon Smiter able to come down a turn earlier I just don't see it happening. :(

October 4, 2013 7:39 a.m.

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