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Theros block standard Dimir Control

Standard* U/B (Dimir)



I could use some help in which cards to add to the sideboard.

I'm splashing black for Counterspell with mill + Consuming Aberration.

This deck has several win cons.

It's obvious that i'm trying to counter the opponent completely.

1) I can win by milling with jace, Ashiok and Consuming aberration if i can't swing with it (because i'm using so many spells, aberrations passive will go off all the time)

2) Thassa unblockable ability + Aberration, when there has been a bit of mill and counters

3) Aetherling

4) Stealing a nice big creature with Ashiok and make it unblockable with Thassa



peoplesauce says... #1

I've been seeing you post this around a lot so I figured I'd offer up some suggestions. Firstly, drop voyages end and pick up far / away. You still get creature bounce but it adds way more flexibility. Late game and need to deal with two beefers? Done. Early game and you let a pesky witchstalker resolve? Done. Secondly, I would add kill spells. Hero's downfall is amazing. Run that shit. You could also run three doom blades in your sideboard. Psychic spiral should be sideboarded for play against control mirrors. Just my two cents. Love the use of thassa though!

September 30, 2013 8:22 a.m.

bullzeyes says... #2

Well i post it around to give some inspiration to people im in no way claiming this is THE deck :)

I'm kinda on the fence with the far//away because voyages end gives me scry, and i actually really like scry. I will have to think about it (didn't think of that card, thanks)

Kill spells are something aswel where i'm struggling. I have no idea what cards to actually replace for them. I had some Ultimate Price in there but i replaced them for some more counterspells i think.

Which cards would you drop for kill spells ?

September 30, 2013 11:19 a.m.

peoplesauce says... #3

You could probobly do without aetherize now that you have far / away in there. That would make room for 3 Hero's downfall. Mayyybe work out one or two counterspells or one or two lands, to make room for a few doom blades/ultimate prices. This is pretty meta-dependant though, thats where sideboards come in handy.

September 30, 2013 7:48 p.m.

bullzeyes says... #4

Yeah this is going to be a toughy I'll swap stuff out, at the moment i have 2 far // away so i have 2 ultimate prices in the deck aswel atm. Going to see how that works out maybe drop aetherize to 2 and one of the counterspells down to 3 for 2 heros downfalls. It's just that i'm up against token decks a lot and the aetherize can just obliterate them. Hard choices indeed :D

October 1, 2013 8:11 a.m.

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