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There's Ugliness in Numbers - GATECRASH UPDATE

Standard* Aggro BRG (Jund) Goblins



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This deck revolves around generating goblins. LOTS of goblins. And then throwing them at my opponent and benefiting from their deaths, whittling away at my opponent's health and creatures. That is, if the sheer amount of ugliness on the field doesn't kill them first.

Update - Gatecrash:With the release of Gatecrash comes our little friend, Legion Loyalist. At first I thought, "I don't really need my creatures to have first strike because I want them to die, and trample is useless on 1/1s." However, this little guy is another goblin 1-drop, with haste nonetheless and helps protect Hellrider from being chumped by generic 3/3s (I'm looking at you, Centaur Healer). Plus, tokens can't block. Opponents can't just chump me with their massive amounts of tokens. With an overloaded Dynachage, it means almost certain death.

Suggestions are always welcome. I'm also considering re-splashing green for my favorite little lady, Champion of Lambholt in favor of Skirsdag High Priest, so opinions on that are appreciated as well. Thanks for viewing!!



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