"What's that smell?", you might be asking yourself as you step downstairs, only to realize that it's a horrible, rotting, stinky pile of gunk named Muldrotha. Muldrotha means well though. She only wants to fill your basement with trash and then move it around a bunch, that's all. In this case, that trash is a variety of permanents. All permanents, in fact. The goal of the deck here is to buy time, fill your graveyard, recur all your permanents, and generally disrupt the battlefield until you can find your way to Primal Surge, get 10 mana to cast it, and win by flipping your entire deck onto the battlefield and winning on the spot with Laboratory Maniac. We have a good amount of color fixing to prevent early game struggles, some decent ramp, and plenty of single target removal/disruption. The only caveat is that it's all stapled to permanents, so none of the classic instants of sorceries that would surely help us out. Any ideas that can help further this game plan while maintaining the all-permanents theme would be appreciated.


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