The deck is meant to be played in a tuned/competitive environment. It is built to win fast and does so with great consistency. With Leovold at the deck's helm, it will always be seen as a threat and is therefore not suited for those who cannot handle hate.

It offers several quick, effective and efficient paths to victory. Your success is limited only by your greed.

Below is a somewhat lengthy but necessary discussion of some important points concerning the deck and its gameplay. This will hopefully provide readers with a better understanding and appreciation of the deck and perhaps elicit some suggestions and similar responses that will help me in its continuous improvement.

Leovold is not a fun commander to play against. On it's own, it offers card advantage and prevents opponents from benefitting from the use of cantrips and draw engines. Used alongside cards like Teferi's Puzzle Box and other wheel effects, he strips opponents' hands and limits their ability to interact with you for the rest of the game. Because of this, Leovold has become one of those commanders that get hit with removal as soon as it sees the board. It is also for this reason that you want to keep him relevant enough to be a threat without making the deck too dependent on his presence.

This being said, I have come up with a deck that makes use of a couple of win conditions that are independent from the Leovold gameplay yet benefits a lot from it.

The deck makes use to two slightly overlapping win conditions: Storm and Lab Maniac.


The storm combo is primarily achieved using: Future Sight Helm of Awakening and Sensei's Divining Top. With these three cards, we will be able to draw out the entire deck (building storm counts in the process) then cast Tendrils of Agony for the win. There will be some cases that we might not have enough storm counts to kill off the entire 4-man pod. In such incidents, you can cast Time Spiral to build up more storm counts before casting Tendrils to end the game. Alternatively, you can just cast Laboratory Maniac and draw yourself out for the win.

I know most people, including me, tend to stay away from clunky 3-card combos but this one is an exception. In this deck, we make use of Insidious Dreams to setup the entire combo. With this one card and enough cards in hand to pitch for it, we can search for all three combo pieces, put it on top of our library and combo off from there. This is how we do it:

Cast Insidious Dreams at the end of an opponents turn, discard at least 3 cards and search for the combo pieces. You will now put them on top of your library in the following order. Future Sight (top), Helm of Awakening (2nd), and SDT (3rd). On our turn we will now draw and play Future Sight. This allows us to play the top card of our library which in this case is now Helm of Awakening followed by SDT. Voila!

*Note: _The minimum number of mana you will need to pull this off is 5 mana. Enough to cast future sight. From this point, you can add cards like Mana Crypt or a couple of the cmc rocks to cast the Helm. This would require pitching more cards to Insidious Dreams though. You can also adjust the pile to include Yawgmoth's Will or Noxious Revival as a contingency plan. _

I have managed to pull a turn 3 win using this combo numerous times already. That is how easy it is to do.

Laboratory Maniac

A lot of people are probably familiar with how this one works as it is one of the most commonly used win cons for Leovold, Zur and several other top tier commander decks. In this deck, I make use of two Lab Maniac-based win cons.

Lab Maniac via Doomsday

The general concept is to cast Doomsday to cut the number of cards left in your deck to 5 and win using Laboratory Maniac. Simple enough right? The deck uses at least two Doomsday piles, both of which require at least 1 cantrip in hand prior to casting Doomsday. These are:

*Pile 1:Predict, Laboratory Maniac, Gitaxian Probe, Lion's Eye Diamond and Yawgmoth's Will.

Cast a cantrip to draw Predict. Cast Predict, name Lab Maniac (sending it to the graveyard) to draw Gitaxian Probe and LED. Cast LED followed by GP. You then respond to GP by cracking LED. With 3 mana and LED and GP in your graveyard, you can now cast Yawgmoth's Will (drawn using GP) to recast LED to cast Lab Maniac followed by GP to win.

*Pile 2:Gush, Frantic Search, Laboratory Maniac, Gitaxian Probe, one random card (preferably protection such as Pact of Negation).

Cast a cantrip to draw Gush. Tap returning two Islands to your hand to cast Gush to draw Frantic Search and Lab Maniac. Use the mana to cast Frantic Search (discard the two islands) to draw the two remaining cards. Untap 3 lands, cast Lab Maniac then cast GP to win the game. This pile gives you one protection or Street Wraith which you can cycle in response to any removal targeting the LabMan.

Note: Street Wraith can be used as an alternative to GP. In some cases, it is better since it will be harder to counter than GP. There are many other piles which can be made but I chose these 2 just to show some examples.

Lab Maniac via Demonic Consultation

This one is an alternate win con and is pretty much self-explanatory. Play the LabMan and follow it up with Demonic Consultation. Name a card that isn't in the deck (Storm Crow) to exile your entire library followed by a cantrip to win the game.

Other Notable Cards/Interactions

Paradox Engine - not really essential to the deck but functions as an enabler for both combos. It can substitute for Helm of Awakening in the storm combo given that you have at least 1 mana rock that produces . It also helps ensure you have enough mana to spend on cantrips in the Doomsday combo.

Future Sight + Necropotence - here you can keep paying life to exile the top card of your library until you find the card you need. This also mitigates the negative effect of not having a draw phase while Necropotence is in play.

The deck performs pretty well against aggro decks and against its fellow combo decks. It can accelerate to a win as early as turn 2 but wins most of its games between turn 3 to 6. It performs pretty well against pods that do not have a dedicated control deck since it often wins before any threat or anything disruptive to the deck's general gameplay hits the board.

The deck also has a very strong synergy since majority of the cards used in its combos are also quite useful outside the combo they are intended for. With the addition of the LabMan-based combos, most of the engines that make the deck run smoothly have become expendable while keeping their relevance in the deck. Even Leovold can now be played with the sole intention of drawing cards.

Similar to other combo decks, the deck is generally weak against stax and control decks. Cards like Blood Moon, Ruination and Hall of Gemstone have caused me a lot of problems in the past. I have since then added more basic lands and strived to keep the mana requirements of the combos in the deck to a minimum. I believe this would allow for a higher resiliency against the archetypes mentioned above.

Thanks for taking time to browse through the deck's primer-of-sorts. I hope you enjoyed reading it and look forward to your comments and suggestions. Upvotes are very much appreciated!


Updates Add

Winning streak has ended. Seems the guys have made their own adjustments. I have also made some minor changes based on the trends I have seen the past few games.

Anvil of Bogardan out, Nihil Spellbomb in - most of the games I lost, I already had DD in hand but did not have a cantrip to jump start the win. Anvil seems like a logical cut since I almost never cast it unless I have Leovold in play and can cast it the same turn as a wheel. In short, it takes a substantial amount of preparation before it becomes really useful. I am starting to see Teferi's Puzzle Box the same way and might end up cutting it in the future.

Careful Study out, Insist in - was sifting through my old cards in search of cantrips and ran across Insist. It made sense. A 1 cmc cantrip that gives a bit of protection to the Lab Man. And it's green which makes it a bit unique. :)

Tandril's of Despair out, Aetherflux Reservoir in - this has been suggested numerous times in the past. So far I haven't won games using the Reservoir but it is primarily due to DD becoming my primary win con. Will test it just a bit more.

So far the DD win con has been performing splendidly. I am trying to focus on getting more cantrips in the deck and maybe better mana fixing. Suggestions regarding the land base are highly appreciated.

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