This is my Aggro Merfolk deck. It's also the first deck I ever built: Them Fishies Will Kill You. There are a few infinite combos for Merfolk:

1) the 4 Merrow Reejerey and 1 Seahunter combo gets all Merfolk from my library out onto the battlefield. It even gets my Merrow Commerce out.

2) the 1 Stonybrook Schoolmaster and 1 Wanderwine Prophets infinite turn combo. It works best if you can make them unblockable.

3) the 1 Drowner of Secrets , 1 Stonybrook Schoolmaster, and 1 Merrow Reejerey infinte mill combo.

Please make suggestions, especially about non-creature spells.


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This deck kinda sucks. To think that I used to believe that this deck was absolutely amazing is hard for me to comprehend. My current Merfolk deck is basically Modern Merfolk, which is leaps and bound above this deck in terms of power.

Also, only the second infinite combo works, as Merrow Reejerey triggers off of casting Merfolk, not Merfolk entering the battlefield.

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