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The Wheeling False God

Commander / EDH


This is a personal favorite of mine. It's a 5-color deck built around Nekusar, The Mindrazer as the hidden commander. This is inspired by Josh Lee Kwai of The Command Zone and Game Knights. We have a few differences in our lists. For instance, he runs Armageddon, I don't.

The whole decks strategy is to get everybody drawing as many cards as possible and have a consistent game. Once everybody has tons of stuff on the board and many cards in hand, it explodes out of nowhere with a Nekusar-like effect and makes people take a bunch of damage for drawing cards and wheeling away more cards. A typical win comes with Windfall or Winds Of Change or Molten Psyche with a Reverberate to copy it.

The deck runs many board wipes and answers for my opponents because we want to keep the game going long enough for me to get my combo pieces. With access to green and white, I am able to get all of my colors online quickly and have the answers ready when needed.

What I really love about it is that it can fly under the radar until the opportune moment. After I play it, yes people know what's gonna happen but they are generally ok with drawing a bunch of cards hoping to be ready for it. I only run a couple of counterspells that I use when I'm ready to combo off so people have a harder time stopping it.

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