Jund Zombie Beatdown. Aim: Kill the opponent as fast as possible. Be nice about it though. :)

Sideboard Explanation:

Duress against control to remove early instants Sphinx's Revelation or sorceries Supreme Verdict. Typically, remove Victim of Night to add in Duress.

Vampire Nighthawk against midrange decks, typically take out Rakdos Cackler.

Pillar of Flame against zombies or Naya Blitz.

Dreadbore against superfriends or midrange decks running big creatures that can't be killed by Searing Spear.

Abrupt Decay against aggro/midrange decks running Boros Reckoner or control decks running Detention Sphere.

All suggestions welcome! If you like the deck, I'd appreciate the +1's. :)


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