This is an unconventional approach to mono-green, which is focused on using Grothama, All-Devouring to draw absurd amounts of cards before swinging big to win.

Some notable interactions:

Predatory Urge can have Grothama as both targets, allowing us to draw at least 20 cards (depending on if Grothama has been pumped in any way or not).

Magebane Armor stops opponents capitalising on Grothama's ability, not least by avoiding the dreaded Blasphemous Act . Vigor also works the same way, although it also stops us from utilising Grothama's ability for draw while it is on the field (but it allows us to make him huge and potentially swing for Commander damage instead).

Scythe of the Wretched can kill all our other creatures when Grothama fights them and then bring them all straight back, equipping to whichever creature we choose.

The token generators Saber Ants and Broodhatch Nantuko can be made indestructible in various ways, allowing us to go wide if we have them fight Grothama. This can also allow us to gain ridiculous amounts of life if we get Loxodon Warhammer onto Grothama the following turn.

Stuffy Doll allows us to bring the pain against a specific opponent by having Grothama fight it without killing it.

Psychosis Crawler can allow us to win simply by drawing cards and draining the table. It's undoubtedly the best (and, to be honest, probably only) non-combat win-con in the deck.



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