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The Unstoppable Unblockable Delver

Modern* Budget GU (Simic)


I wanted to make the fastest rush deck possible in standard since the meta (while still aggro) has relaxed on rush decks since Infect rotated out.

The breakdown goes as such:

Delver of Secrets   - The deck is named after this. It's power is obvious in the right situation.

Invisible Stalker - Crucial part of some of the first Delver builds, you can't ask for much more out of this card. Only a 1/1, but an unblockable threat you can spot-kill? Yes, please.

Artful Dodge - Just pretty much helpful to get delver past spirit tokens blocking the way or to pump massively in concert with Wild Defiance.

Inquisitor's Flail - When attached to unblockable creatures, it effectively gives them double strike with no draw back. Even without using beef spells, sending in a flipped delver with this gets 6 damage through. Not too bad for a 2 and 2 equip.

Rancor - Pretty obvious why this card is great. Playing just 2 of these on an Invisible Stalker puts a 4 turn clock on your opponent. On a flipped delver? That becomes a 3 turn clock. Just awesome.

Giant Growth, Titanic Growth , Blessings of Nature - These are the spells that make the deck work the way it does. Any of these in consecutive turns or even together make your mildly wimpy creatures into unstoppable pounding machines.

Simic Charm - Fills all possible needs. Good beefy pump spell or anti-spot killer or anti board-sweeper. What else could you ask for?.

Wild Defiance - Obviously when you have tons of targeting pump spells you want to make it even pump-ier. Also great for flashing back Artful Dodge to give it an extra +3/+3. Temporal Mastery - Everybody loves taking an extra turn, especially when it means a free shot with your huge unblockable guys.


Updates Add

So I took out Ranger's Guile from the main deck completely along with Syncopate and put them in the sideboard against control/spot-killing decks. Instead, I added 4x Simic Charm which I was waiting anxiously to be spoiled in case it helped out this deck (which it did completely). Not only does it pump with the first ability and grant hexproof with the second, the third helps me avoid board sweeps by returning my guys to my hand. I really can't think of a way the card could be more suited for this deck, and I'm really excited to play it as soon as I can.

Side Note: Added Breeding Pool for obvious reasons.

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