I'M Scrying all the time

Well after making something like 80 decks, I finally made a mono-blue deck and in my favorite format, Pauper. It was a bit of a challenge to decide which direction to go...Wizards? Faeries? Delver? No, not Delver!...that card is over-used and abused. I wanted something a little different and the only thing I HAD to use was Counterspell . So, here it is, my mono-blue experiment inspired by Unstable Mutation and Sigil of Sleep with lots of Scry and Scry-like effects. Yes, I know what your gonna say Delver of Secrets  Flip is better than Unstable Mutation , BUT that card...such a paradox...+3 and then -1 counters? Is there a way I can use it effectively? Please leave your comments and suggestions below...

Do you love Pauper? New to the format?

Please check out my profile page eyes2sky...I currently have 31 paper Pauper decks for you to check out...maybe you'll be inspired to build some pauper decks?...thanks for looking and for helping spread the Pauper love!


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