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Here we are. It's grand prix time. This is the final model of the best land destruction modern has ever beheld. It is time to put my beauty to the test.



Add 1x Steam Vents UR

add 2x Birds of Paradise

keep at 61 cards, raise to 25 lands.

or drop to 60 cards, replace breeding pool with Steam Vents .


Electrolyze: I can play now easily: divide to slaughter ramp, can kill kiki, milera, tokens, etc, draw a card :D

Suppression Field: Would prevent them entirely from looping. Stops any other annoying crap

Anger of the Gods straight up nukes all critters. 3dmg, not an instant***

Fiery Justice: wrecks tokens, planes walkers, milera combos: not instant...

Sudden Shock : can't be countered, responded too, 2dmg removal, hits planeswalkers too. This prevents milera combo from responding and still working.

really liking Sudden Shock .


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