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*RETIRED* The Trial of Zeal: Hazoret EDH

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Hazoret the Fervent is the goddess of ZEAL. No matter the odds, she and her followers will fight...but she requires complete and utter devotion to her cause. There are no half-measures in her Trials.

You fight, or you die. There is no middle ground.

Accordingly, there are no cushy concepts like "card advantage" or "subtlety" here. Leave that to the pesky Chicken God. This deck quickly and gleefully empties its hand as quickly as possible, both by casting burn spells like Lightning Bolt and by tossing cards to fuel spells like Firestorm .

To win a game, despite having no cards in hand after Turn 3? That requires an utter commitment to the ideal of Zeal. And only thusly shall you pass Hazoret's Trial and prove yourself among the Worthy.

I saw Hazoret and immediately decided I had to build her.

...After all, that art is too awesome not to use!

The card's strength...remains to be seen. She's certainly not a conventional commander.

The deck's goal is threefold - first, playing mono-red burn to give red some of the damage and removal that it sorely leaves.

Second, the deck plays a large number of discard outlets to both let Hazoret attack and to use as potent sources of removal - however, the deck is optimized to play with an empty hand by "drawing" cards with exile effects such as Prophetic Flamespeaker .

And finally, the deck plans to win by voltron and aggro damage if the burn damage can't close out the game.

The deck wins or loses very quickly. As stated above, this is not a deck for the tactful. But fearlessly throwing away your entire hand to go all-in on a Nahiri's Wrath or Devastating Dreams ? That's how EDH was meant to be played - with flair and passion.

I hope you enjoyed my deck - there will be one for each god on Amonkhet, stay tuned!

Hazoret is not a commander who lends herself easily to deckbuilding...but it's certainly an unorthodox and interesting deck!

If you like the deck, feel free to leave an upvote!

...to prove your Zeal!

(Cards that are marked as Spanish are cards that I currently own.)


Updates Add

The deck has been tuned to include many more burn elements, plus some cards profiting off of Hazoret being indestructible (like Pariah's Shield ). This reduced the creature count, making my board wipes more asymmetric but making Rites of Initiation worse. Out it goes!


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