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The Tokens Are Coming, The Tokens Are Coming!

Commander / EDH GW (Selesnya) Tokens



And the tokens shall inherit the board.

Hello all. This is my second attempted build of an EDH deck, my first being a decidedly mediocre Uril, the Miststalker Voltron deck. Selesnya tokens has always been a favorite playstyle of mine, so I decided I'd make an EDH deck out of it, maybe spend a little more money for a more competitive deck with a better mana base.

Thanks for all of your help getting this deck down to 100 cards, your input was invaluable. Those last 16 were giving me trouble and now they are all cut.

The goal of this deck is, obviously, to create a critical mass of tokens that can overwhelm the board. Rhys is probably the best card in the deck for doing that, but his ability is regrettably, a bit slow in EDH, where there are more players in a game. I'd much prefer to tap him as soon as he comes in and get his value ASAP before some SOB decides to remove him from the board. That's why I've added Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, and Illusionist's Bracers. Either of the first two will give him haste and protection from single target removal. The third will double his token generating power. All three can be tutored with Enlightened Tutor.

Cards like Anointed Procession, Parallel Lives, and Primal Vigor will also double his output, and can be tutored with Enlightened Tutor.

So the goal is to mana ramp early, then tutor and card draw for the combo pieces while maintaining a competitive board. Then once the pieces are in place you cast Rhys the Redeemed for (hallelujah) 1 MANA and start tapping him as soon as he comes out for an absurd number of tokens. Wirewood Lodge is also a good card to combo Rhys with.



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