Update 04/11/17: Changed up this deck a lot in the last 2 weeks based on many MANY matches on MTGO. Tilted much more to control now, and abandoned one of the original ideas of the deck, which was lots of instant and sorcery for an eventual Rise from the Tides. The additional of Ice Over and Aether Meltdown, along with Galvanic Bombardment and Kozilek's Return, has allowed me to reduce and/or eliminate damage from creatures, which is definitely the majority of what I've been playing against. Fevered Visions usually ends up damaging the opponent, and draws more cards for me which provides both card advantage and fuel for Fateful Showdown (which I'm considering to be a 'combo'). Many times I have had 2 Fevered Visions in play, started my turn with 7 cards, draw card 8, do nothing, draw 2 cards in my end step to get 10 cards in hand, then cast Fateful Showdown (still in my end step), to do 9 damage to the opponents face, more often than not discarding a Fiery Temper at the same time to end up doing 12 damage total. Kozilek's Return can also help me bluff that, while I have no weenies, I may have large creatures, so don't side out your creature control against my creature-less deck haha!

If I end up facing a more controlly deck with few creatures, my basic idea is to side out the Aether Meltdown, Galvanic Bombardment , and/or Kozilek's Return for more face burn and artifact control/hate. Release the Gremlins for facing heavy artifact decks. A few Negate in the SB to face Control decks, plus some Horribly Awry in case the need for exiling is better than destroying with direct damage (e.g. Scrapheap Scrounger). As mentioned, I've been doing really good with this deck on MTGO and am thinking of using this for the Standard Constructed League that start soon. Let me know what you think!

Original idea, not really worth reading now: A deck based on the synergy between drawing cards and using Fateful Showdown to burn the opponent's face, and discarding or casting sorcery and instants to fuel Rise from the Tides. Kind of a combo I guess, but both parts seem to work by themselves as well. Fevered Visions helps me draw, and hopefully ends up doing damage to the opponent as well. I threw in Mirrorpools, with Aether Hubs for their colorless fuel, in the hopes of doubling a Fateful Showdown or Rise from the Tides (or another burn spell), which would be pretty sweet. Please comment/make suggestions, and upvote if you like it!

Could I cut down on land a bit, given my curve? Maybe drop down to 22 lands to get 2 more instant/sorcery in the deck? Also, not sure what to sideboard given the current aggro meta in Standard. More counterspells?

Based on UR Self Mill, but a bit more streamlined for consistency.


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