It's no accident that the Death's Head Hawkmoth has three species: Atropos, Styx and Lachesis. Atropos and Lachesis are names of the Sisters of Fate, and Styx is the river that grants passage between Earth and the Underworld.

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Going further into the etymology of the words, Atropos was the cutter of the thread of life, choosing their manner of death. Lachesis measured the thread of life allotted to any one individual.

It's important to establish the powers of creation, destruction, fate and destiny that are imbued within this specific moth, for they are the mere playthings for Aminatou .

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Manipulating fate and the threads of life is exactly what we plan to do with this deck. On the surface, it could be seen as a Stax deck, but when we begin to unpack it, there are a myriad of layers you can work with, to tailor your experience.

For instance, you may want to aggressively tutor for Tezzeret the Seeker . With him in play, you can activate Tezzeret to get Rings of Brighthearth , use Aminatou to blink and reset Tezzeret, use his ability again, this time copying it with Rings to get Goblin Cannon and Basalt Monolith . Rings and Basalt produce infinite mana, which can then spent activating Goblin Cannon, to deal lethal damage. Cut their thread of life accordingly.

In other cases, you may want to bide your time and play a punishing control build; one that manipulates your the use of artifacts to tax and slow down opposing strategies. On top of that you can abuse the flicker effects you're given, and repeatedly blink other spells to remove permanents or destroy them entirely, to maintain a control of the board. Measure their allotted thread of life.

There should be answers to just about everything you'd expect to see in an assortment of builds, and Aminatou shifts the threads of fate for any game, however she sees fit.


Updates Add

Consultation Jace is avery fast, very reliable combo. But it requires four cards that could be better spent on other inserts:

OUT 1. Demonic Consultation 2. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries 3. Arena Rector 4. Flash 5. Windfall

IN 1. Teferi's Protection 2. Toxic Deluge

READDED 1. Time Wipe 2. Dimir Charm 3. Codex Shredder

At this time, time wipe is a placeholder for Ensnaring Bridge. The largest loss will be the versatility of Flashing in Arena Rector for any of the oppressive planeswalkers. That being said, it's a super niche line of play that isn't really necessary. Over time, I'd rather spend the slots with areas that protect myself, creatures that stop other opposing strategies, or board wipes.

Over the next few months I’ll continue to assess the potency and viability of the new walkers: Narset and Ashiok.

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