Sith Lord Augustin IV

End User License Agreement

You (herafter referred to as "The Player"), by viewing this grouping of Magic: The Gathering Trading Cards (hereafter referred to as the "deck") agree to the following conditions: 1) That if you like the deck you will "+1" the deck (see section 5-C "+1ing a deck"); and 2) That if you have any advice that you will leave a comment on this deck (see section 10-A "Leaving Helpful Comments").The point of this deck is to defeat all of the opponents in a game of Magic: the Gathering (hereafter referred to as "magic") by taxing them out, then hitting them late game with some very large creatures.

Oloro's Tax Plan

As the player, it is your duty to uphold Oloro's Tax Plan to its fullest extent. Use of the following cards are permitted in taxing the opponent: Land Tax, Nether Void, AEther Barrier , Invoke Prejudice , Overburden, and Aura of Silence.

For wealthier members of Ravnica, additional taxes are levied. These taxes, most notably the Rhystic Study tax allow the player to choose whether to pay up in mana or card advantage.

Failure for comply leaves one subject to the many Counterspells at your disposal. If a subject is deemed too dangerous to allow on the streets, they will become the subject to a Detention Sphere or put behind the castle Portcullis.

It is not unlikely that offenders may try to get violent with you, so make use of your various "pillow fort" enchantment spells. You have at your call a Windborn Muse trained in using Propaganda. If all else fails, activate your Sphere of Safety until you can throw them in our patented Mana Vortex.


Updates Add

He's back!

Taxmaster is back, and now Oloro decides to take up the role of most-hatred general in the game!

It's so easy, he just sits back and watches as you lose your friends!

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