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The Survivors V2.0 (now with more surviving!)

Commander / EDH Allies Combo Five Color Tribal



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Greetings, all! We are the few, the proud, the Allies!

This deck is a personal favorite of mine, and is a callback to the first deck I ever built (Standard RG Allies, way back when I started in original Zendikar). Naturally, once I discovered EDH, I did my best to translate it over. This is an updated (and drastically improved) version of that deck!

There are a few possible ways to win with this deck. It's very much an accumulated value deck, as the more Allies you generate, the more value you get, and we want to do all sorts of flickering and flashing shenanigans to generate repeated effects (not to mention causing all kinds of crazy combos).

Win Method #1: Beatdown! Our lovely Allies have plenty of combat-tricks-on-a-stick, so they can do a surprisingly decent amount of evasive damage (especially with the help of General Tazri's last ability). Getting just a few of our creatures like Resolute Blademaster , Tajuru Warcaller , Kazuul Warlord , etc. out and then grabbing a few pre-combat ETBs will pump our humble army right to the moon! Oh...wait, that's Innistrad. Um...oh yeah! Right to Emeria! Wait, that was just a cruel joke played on the inhabitants of our entire plane...you know what, let's move on.

Win Method #2: C-C-C-Combo! Of course there are silly combos here! Ranging from as janky as Harabaz Druid + Intruder Alarm and some allies to as brutal as Conspiracy + Turntimber Ranger , we can create incredible offensive powerand sometimes straight up murder our opponents, if we happen to have Hagra Diabolist on the battlefield.

Win Method #3: Flavor Win! voice steadily grows louder and more dramatic Possibly the greatest win condition of them all, this deck possesses the ability to assemble such a level of flavor onto the battlefield that it leaves any even remotely Vorthos-y players bowing down in submission as we reign supreme across the entire tabletop!!!! Seriously, though, I've had games where people surrender because of one ridiculously flavorful play or another. Those are proud moments.

When we aren't winning gloriously, we have plenty of ways to protect ourselves from that eternal scourge, other players. Cards like Vedalken Orrery and Lurking Predators allow us to cause Ally triggers even on other players' turns, allowing us to respond more effectively to their attacks. And our beloved commander can always tutor out more combo pieces or keyword providers to answer any situation.

The sideboard contains a house-rules deck called the Quest Deck. My playgroup and I sometimes play with this deck in the center of the table, flipping over a certain number of Quests at a time (usually 2). Everybody can work towards the quests at any given time, keeping track of their personal number of quest counters, and the first person to achieve the requisite number of quest counters gains control of the quest and its effects. If a Quest gets put into a graveyard from anywhere, it's shuffled back into the Quest Deck for some new player to embark upon (or the old player to embark upon again). It's a lot of fun and encourages some really interesting gameplay and politicsnot to mention the fact that the flavor of this deck in a Quest Deck game is just through the goddamn roof.

As ever, any and all comments are much appreciated, as are upvotes. I'm always tuning and improving, though I'm not super spiky or competitive, and your help is always welcome!


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