This deck is what the popular and deadly zombies deck looks like in the current metagame. It is incredibly fast and can pull wins out of absolutely nowhere.


The theme of this deck is the death of creatures. Gravecrawler is one of the more powerful cards in the deck: we have 12 zombies, so it can be activated often. Diregraf Ghoul is not only a zombie but too good to pass up as a 2/2 for 1.

At two we have a few options. One is another 1 drop and a guildgate. Another is removal. The best, however, is to play Knight of Infamy . It pumps up an attack as soon as it hits the board, and dodges around white decks, whch with Lingering Souls and Restoration Angels is an issue.

The three mana slot is dominated by Geralf's Messenger . It can provide a high-power, recurring attacker, as well as 2 damage upon entering the battlefield and 2 more just for dying.

At four mana we hit Falkenrath Aristocrat. This card ends games quickly and is difficult to get rid of. Hellrider will provide huge pints of damage to opponents evary turn its on the battlefield.

The top of the curve is Thundermaw Hellkite. It always hits onthe first attack, and clears the way for the aristocrat, as well as being a humongous flying body.


Searing Spear seems like a weak spell, but it is good enough for the last bit of damage or to kill a troublesome creature.

Mark of Mutiny turns their best blocker upside down. It's an amazing finisher in a standstill.

Victim of Night is a great way to kill any big creature in the format, and can easily drop out for the second game in a mirror.


Appetite for Brains Is what I need against Thragtusk , a format defining card at the moment.

Cremate is graveyard removal against reanimator

Pillar of Flame goes in for the mirror match

Underworld Connections is for long games against control, where I can grind out a win with card advantage and persistence.

Vampire Nighthawk is good in the mirror, and a great card in general.

zealous consripts for when I need more stealing.


The maybeboard is cards that I like for this deck but either don't cut it or I can't find room. I would love to hear your thoughts on the cards.

I find all your comments useful as long as they are constructive. If you feel that a certain deck will beat this, then please test it yourself. I will probably also test the matchup, but I want you not to post useless information. Also, If you find the deck pleasant and destructive enough, there is a fun little button called "upvote" in the corner that you can use to show your appreciation.

That's all, folks! Don't forget to Upvote, Please!

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