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The Spike and the Druid, A Romantic Tale

Modern Combo Control Counters Midrange Theme/Gimmick



I figured that I was going to try and wade the waters in this format that is known as modern. Being pretty much a strickly EDH player, this should be a fun experience lol.

I don't plan on taking the regular approach I seem to see people taking, which is just copying a deck thats good right now. I love wither and I love Shadowmoor so, why not a wither modern deck??



Duress is my Thoughtseize until I can obtain them

Golgari Guildgate is Overgrown Tomb until I can obtain them


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I was thinking of perhaps adding in 1-2 Flourishing Defenses. They would pair well with the Devoted Druid + Quillspike combo

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