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The main card in this deck is Mayael the Anima .

Here is a quick summary of why the cards in here are in here :P:

Birds of Paradise is great early ramp. Can effectively keep me a turn ahead of my opponent.

Explore is so awesome. An additional land AND card advantage???

Increasing Savagery can protect my smaller creature purely by making them larger :P. Nothing wants to attack into a 5/6 Birds of Paradise..

Knotvine Mystic is probably my main ramper for this deck. He gets me the colors I need, plus just 2 extra mana :).

Rampant Growth is a worse version of Explore . Might take it out for another Explore . Not sure.

Trace of Abundance is similar to Knotvine Mystic because it helps my mana base along nicely. It also can be played earlier then Knotvine Mystic .

Lotus Cobra is pretty good for this deck. Yet another ramp engine :P.

The rest is the obvious huge beasties that are my main win cons.

+1's and comments are greatly appreciated :),


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