The Song of Phyresis

Commander / EDH Mortlocke

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Identity Crisis —Jan. 1, 2019

So, the deck at this point is going through something of an Identity Crisis. There are too many ideas, and as a a result the deck isn't performing very well. In fact, it's consistently losing. The last game I played, one of the players was immediately hostile to Infect creatures hitting the board, and another was surgically removing any and everything that had infect. After that...I was just durdling for the rest of the game with little to no resources.

I have two conflicting ideas - 1. All in on infect - having an aggressive set of creatures that swing in faster than players would be able to react and 2. Having some stax/pillowfort deck that locks the board down and group slugs the other players to death. I love the politics of the 2nd idea...but the 1st idea guarantees me the most victories. I don't know where to go from here, and need some help. Hopefully someone can leave me some good ideas.