"The presence of the god Mangeni, whose second name is Ula, whose voice sings the Song of Devouring, will be your final sanctuary."

An Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim deck. BW control/combo with a focus on lifegain/drain and creature recursion.

Please note: This deck has been discontinued, and will no longer be updated. I've taken the deck apart and converted it to my Alesha deck, Her Name. This deck list is staying up as an ode to what I consider one of the most fun EDH decks I've ever played (just not quite as fun as Alesha).


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EMN spoiler season is upon us, and though we're not nearly through it yet, it has already brought us one card that I'm sure is going to see a lot of EDH play, and is certainly going to be slotted right into this deck: Tree of Perdition, which reads as such:

Tree of Perdition 3B

Creature - Plant


Tap: Exchange target opponent's life total with Tree of Perdition's toughness.


It is, essentially, Sorin Markov , but easier to cast, able to be activated a turn earlier, and with a lot more shenanigan potential due to being attached to a sac-able, recur-able body. Consider this: Turn two Ayli, turn three Vizkopa Guildmage , turn four Tree of Perdition, turn five, activate Tree, make it a 0/40, activate Guildmage, sac Tree to Ayli, GG. It's a sweet card that's going right into this deck, though I'm not yet sure what's going to be cut for it.

A recent miscellaneous deck changes is slotting out Haunted Crossroads in favour of Sun Titan , with the latter's decreased versatility not meaning much in the face of its increased speed, effectiveness, combo potential, and damage potential. Thanks to MegaMatt13 for recommending the swap-out.


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