BEHOLD. An all around early/mid game list with control elements scattered in, hoping to either grind the game out with thicc lady Ishai, or end it quickly with flash hulk combo.

You might he asking.. why not Thrasios and Tymna? I could tell you that it's because Reyhan and Ishai are a safe grindy way to win the game if need be. But then Id be lying. Its because I dont feel like buying those cards.

An important part of this deck is its consistency to power lands on the battlefield through cards like Azusa, Oracle, Cultivate, farseek, exploration, burgeoning, and life from the loam. Loam is especially good because we are currently running 11 different self sacrificing utility/fetch lands ranging from cephalid coliseum for draw, to wasteland for troublesome land removal. This gives opportunity to x spells like torment of Hailfire to be more game ending than usual, because lands.

The synergistic grind of this deck is insane. A few value packages this list can utilize are:

  • Azusa + Sylvan library + Oracle of Mul daya. This one is a one stop shop to getting killed off the four player table quick. Believe me, I know. Being able to play lands off the top and manipulate the stack thats on top is amazing. Brainstorm does this to a similar degree, but we'll talk about the real reason it's here later.

  • Being able to flash hulk for Azusa + Ramunap excavator allows for land picking easily, by firing off a strip mine, wasteland, dust bowl activation into the sacced land, and its all supported by Lotus cobra allowing you to make on curve plays while denying resources like colours to your opponent and screwing up their fixing. Life from the loam is a good card, kids.

The decks more traditional way of powering out is standard flash hulk combo. Flash-hulk grabs viscera seer and karmic guide, Guide reanimates Hulk, and hulk is sacced to seer, which grabs mikaeus and ballista. This lets us infinitely sac ballista and remove the counter to ping the board to death. The problem is when some ofmthese cards get stranded in your hand. Specifically Mikaeus and Karmic guide. Being the only 2 cards that aren't less than 2 mana in our combo, its difficult to piece together when the 5 and 6 drop can't be cheated in. Thats where the real reason brainstorm is here comes in. Being able to both brainstorm and fetch away two useless cards as well as put mikaeus/Guide/both on top is extremely important to utilize Hulks trigger best to win the game. This has given us a small variance from traditional lists by opting to run The new teferi as a means to prevent interruption, slowing our opponents to sorcery speed. And at 3 mana, it isnt hard to drop on curve anyway.

So what happens if you cant assemble the combo becsuse seer is in grave? Other than csrrion feeder being a safety net, flash hulk can get us the synergy we need. Grabbing Azusa, Noble Hierarch, and scavenging ooze is definitely something that will increase your value on board ten fold over your opponents.

This is just a rough draft list so please take a look and tell me what you think.


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