The Slimy Druid of Death

Hermit Druid Combo Deck

The Combos

Combo 1: Hermit Druid

  • Use Hermit Druid to mill your entire deck, this will work with 1 activation because you have no basic lands.

  • You want to be able to cast The Mimeoplasm on the same turn as your Druid activation, as you won't be able to draw any more cards.

  • Make sure you have enough mana for some kind of Counterspell to prevent The Mimeoplasm from being countered, because you've lost if that's happened.

  • When The Mimeoplasm enters the battlefield, you want to exile Triskelion and Lord of Extinction from your graveyard. It will become a copy of Triskelion with over 80 +1/+1 counters, as Lord of Extinction 's ability carries across all zones.

  • Use Triskelion's ability to ping your opponents to death.

  • Instead of Triskelion, you can also exile Gaea's Revenge or Putrefax to kill the opponent (only in 1v1) with combat damage, but this is less consistent as they sometimes have Fog effects.

Combo 2: Commander Damage

Combo 3: Necrotic Ooze


Updates Add

The Slimy Druid of Death is now a finished deck. Many hours of playtesting later, with many alterations done, this deck has no way of improving beyond what it is currently at. This deck will consistently win turns 3-6 against even the most competitive of other EDH decks. This deck is my personal enjoyment, I have foiled and pimped it out, and will play it at every possible moment. I will soon need to find another project to devote my time and money into, as this has taken up a lot of my mine in the past couple of months.

The next thing for me to do is to finish the primer on this site.

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