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The Search for Fblthp

Casual G/U (Simic) TurboFog



Just looking for my lost Homunculus.

A deck I've put together for FNM. It won't be winning anything, the aim is purely to use a Search the City with Totally Lost .

If I can Search the City and manage to get a turn, you've already lost in my eyes.

I figure it will go off, or my opponent will.

To those wondering, there is no win condition. I'm just trying to find Totally Lost via Search the City . Search the City is still bad. Very bad.

Frilled Oculus is Fblthp's concerned, less attractive cousin.


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Played 4 rounds going 1-3. Didn't expect a win at all, unfortunately, dearest Fblthp is still quite lost.

Last round I had him sight. Totally Lost in hand, Search the City with 4 land and a foil Totally Lost shimmering with anticipation at the bottom of the 5 card pile. Unfortunately a Silverblade Paladin paired with an Arbor Elf managed to deal 16 damage on turn 6. Being tapped out for the search, I was unable to stop the hurt.

The search continues.


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