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The sea has many teeth... (Nezahal control deck)

Commander / EDH Control Mono-Blue


This is a write-up for the new blue elder dino using cards I had in my collection. As a mono blue commander he brings healthy utility when he hits the table. Though one might look at Jin-Gitaxias or Kami of the Crescent Moon as better draw commanders in mono blue, this eight mana toolbox has his own unique self blink ability that can make our opponents think twice about spending their removal, harmful abilities or wipes. As a 7/7 he can bring a fair amount of pain when he stands before an empty battlefield.

This deck tries to play to our commander's strengths. We utilize the unlimited hand size and built in Mystic Remora they cant pay for to buff creatures that like large hand sizes. The discard ability helps cards that want big graveyard presence like Runechanter's Pike and Rise from the Tides. Cute combos like Psychosis Crawler and any Windfall-like effect we run deal fat damage to the enemies and refresh our hand. Fully expect to see at least half of the cards in your deck before the game ends. Finally, mass bounce works nicely with both our commander who can dodge it to come back at turn's end and our creatures that have power and toughness based on hand size. Dropping a late Devastation Tide followed by a Sturmgeist equipped with Lightning Greaves and a Runechanter's Pike backed by a fatty graveyard can end mid-low health opponents.

We back all of this with a basic stack controlling package of counterspells, steal cards, and combat tricks to push us into the mid-late game phase we desperately need.


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