''For all of you who do not know, The Rock before rotation was a BG midrange/control deck utilizing attrition through efficient creatures, strong removal, strong CA, and absurd amounts of life gain. The Rock specialized in beating aggro decks and had no bad match-ups but had no ways to easily fix mana and guarantee consistent land drops which was its major flaw. Now, let's move onto what's changed because of the new rotation.''

Since thragtusk and discipline are leaving the format we will need to find another way to get a good amounts of life and Card advantage.

The Rock gained good card too. The best of which is Reaper of the Wilds. Reaper of the Wilds will improve this deck greatly, will helps filter our library and provide a good body while having a pseudo hexproof protection.

Whip of Erebos might be the best source for life gain. It also good on late game, getting back dead cards.

Thoughseize is a must have. Even against aggro the card is not bad as you can grab something that would deal more then 2 damage to you in the long run.Sylvan Caryatid is another big addition. Ramp, color fix, blocks BTE.Read the Bones is in it's home despite the fact it disputes slots with underworld connections.

Kalonian Hydra is a thing to consider. It does work well with Whip of Erebos.

Sylvan Caryatid into Demon is a nightmare start for any aggro deck which I think will be very present for the upcoming standard begening atleast.

Gray marchant will provide us a good amounts of life vs G/R , G/W aggro deck in combination with the devotion of lifebane zombie and underworld connection

Comment/feedback would be appreciated.


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