The cabal has Belzenlok and all their fancy rites.

The Thallids have their saprolings to eat.

Torgaar is having fun with all the famines he brings.

And they are satisfied. Satisfied. SATISFIED.

What degenerative, unambitious fools!

Today, I, Arcanity, Evincar of the Weakhold, Scion of Dankness, Doom of Timmies, Lord of the Memes, Master of the Trolling Hand, Eternal Patriarch of the Church of Jank, have completed the Grand Rite of Fungus and Famine!

All which stands in my way shall fall.

And you, my faithful apprentice, shall now learn the full, glorious secrets of the deck. At the cost of your soul... Better known an upvote.

Let's waste no more time.

Long story short, we get a bunch of creatures (mostly saprolings/fungi) onto the battlefield, then utilize the fact that we can sacrifice them to play Rite of Belzenlok or Torgaar to finish the game off. If this fails, we have a backup plan in sacrificing Saprolings to a random outlet and drain the opponent with Slimefoot, the Stowaway.

Now as you go through the cards, I'm sure you'll easily see what they're supposed to do. I other words, I'm too lazy to break down the deck card by card today. Then again I don't think it's necessary, 'cause look:


I think (or hope) that you understand what this card does. And of course, if you know what one card does, you'll know what two cards do, and if you know what two cards do... You'll know everything. Almost everything, I suppose.

Happy tapping (and summoning demons)! :P


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