I took down and top8'd two DGM Game Days with a list very similar to this. This is the product of what I saw over the weekend, what worked and what didn't.

Stonewright was an absolute standout card for me over the weekend. Sinking mana into whatever you have on T3 is solid, and a great way of not overextending whilst keeping the pressure on. It's makes blocking a nightmare, because you can pump your weenies to trade with whatever your opponent throws in front.

Lightning Mauler does solid work making your one drops more useful in the late game. It's worth noting that with 6 Soulbond creatures you don't always have something to pair up, but I am running as many critters as possible to flood the board.

Pyrewild Shaman is nice reach or a 3 power guy when you need it. The recursion isn't the most relevant though, the game should be over before you go nuts with him. Having first strikers definitely improves his effectiveness if you get flooded.

Boros Reckoner is an aggro nightmare. Aggro mirrors are perhaps my favourite thing in standard right now, and I winced every time my opponents would play this guy. None black / decks without wrath are almost always going to take a 2 for 1 to deal with this guy on defence. He is absolute fearless in attacking as well, he will trade for basically anything or remain unblocked. 3 power is not to be sniffed at. Along with Ash Zealot, you have potential for shenanigans with Pyrewild Shaman. I want to try and bloodrush my opponents guy after blocking with Reckoner, then send it straight to the dome!

Pillar of Flame is great against a lot of creatures at the moment, and I don't want to be on the wrong end of a Voice of Resurgence. Along with Searing Spear , it's nice to be able to turn cards into direct damage and close out a race.

Mono-Red doesn't work without Stromkirk Noble and Rakdos Cackler . They are perhaps the least exciting cards in the deck, but the most important. It's key to have a T1 play, and they fit in so nicely as you curve out.


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