: Destroy target creature.

That is what our creatures turn into, when enchanted with Power of Fire or Viridian Longbow. We use this to control the board. Marchesa herself can turn into one, and even has haste. Even if we don't hit one of our Tim-makers, we can use first strike (or double strike) to make our deathtouchers deadly. Cards like Archetype of Courage or True Conviction allow us to do this.

We also have a token sub-theme. Of cause Queen Marchesa can create tokens, but also Assemble the Legion, Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs and Hero of Bladehold. When the board is clear, we can attack with these and finish our opponents.

We also have a few tricksters in the deck: Odric, Master Tactician, who allows us to chose which creatures block (dies to) our attackers, Ankle Shanker , that turn ALL of our creatures into vipers that kill on touch, Master of Cruelties, who can attack and if unblocked, makes our opponents lifetotal become 1, and then just use a Tim to shoot that opponent for 1 damage for the game. Kusari-Gama; if our opponent blocks a deathtouch-creature, all of his creatures die.

Our win-cons are Avacyn, Angel of Hope, who makes our deathtouchers indestructible, so that they become mighty blockers, and fearsome attackers. True Conviction that makes our attacks for more powerful, Aurelia, the Warleader who allows us to attack with our dangerous creatures twice, instead of just once per turn.


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