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This is my all time favorite deck. I no longer am looking for help; but for recognition. I am in the process of completing my deck and am only looking for upvotes or critiques.

This deck is an all creature Sliver deck where each Sliver builds off one another to over whelm my opponent. The whole goal of this deck is to get out several Slivers, and just aggressively pound my opponent until they are done.

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The backstory behind the whole Pinkie Pie is while I was at Joliet Job Corps I had a nice Sliver collection (complete with all the original Slivers, only missing Legion and Queen). That said Sliver collection was stolen from me. So, a friend of mine thought it would be nice to help me regain a Sliver collection. So he told me he was building a Sliver deck and started buying cards through me. Then when I graduated college, he gave the deck to me... with Pinkie Pie card sleeves. So that kinda stuck. IN NO WAY DO I LIKE MY LITTLE PONY. I just thought it would be funny to run with the the Pinkie Pie the


The Pinkie Pie card sleeves have currently been retired and the deck is now in maroon ProSlayer deck sleeves. I do plan on keeping the Pinkie Pie theme though, despite my annoyance with it. I find it to add a little humor to the deck.


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Been a while since I gave you all a Sliver update. Well here it is folks. I recently spent $40 buck to get my Sliver deck a face lift. The deck is now an all creature deck. The mana has become a bit more balanced. On top of it be an all creature deck, I finally took out the Archetype for two Horned Slivers (still gives my Slivers trample). I also added a play set of Gemhide Sliver to give me an added mana boost if needed or a way to search for more slivers.

I still need to take out the three proxies (Pulmonic Sliver and Sliver Legion), and I need to get my mana base finished. Once I have done this, the Hive will be finished. The next big update should be this month (November) if not next month after my birthday.

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