I created this Meren deck for a playgroup that isn't a fan of infinite combos, so there is no Mikaeus/Triskelion/Ballista in this deck. To be honest, I used to have those three in the deck, but I got tired of using them, and winning with them started to feel kind of cheap. Since I have several themed tutors in the deck, it just became "tutor for the combo pieces and win" and I hated that, because I actually enjoyed playing the long game and all the fun synergistic cards together. Nevertheless, I can assure you this deck is still very good. I would say this deck is almost (but not quite) optimized. There are a couple cards that I have not added to the deck because of price, and then there are a few cards I added that seemed fun even though they might not be the best. If you wish to make this deck competitive, simply add in the three combo pieces, stronger/more dual lands, and change a few of the less competitive cards. The MVPs of this deck are probably Spore Frog and Panharmonicon, as we have many ETB effects, and how could you not love a free fog every turn? Seriously, Spore Frog has singlehandedly won me the game on several occasions. This deck excels in multiplayer games and loves to grind people out and control the board (hence the name of the deck, also triple meaning since I'm sacrificing my own creatures, and the Panharmonicon looks like a big organ). Also, keep in mind that this deck for me is constantly changing as I find more cards I want to incorporate. In my opinion EDH decks should always be evolving.


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