Okay. If you look at my deck lists in the past, I love playing Tribal decks. Doesn't matter what the tribe is, usually...I gotyou! Most of these have been made in paper. Planeswalkers/ Superfriends? Sisay's A-Team!! Humans? United and Unyielding Human Tribal! Warrior Tribal? Unstoppable and United Warrior Tribal Vampires? Markov's Brood Dragons? Dragon Mastery

But my first EDH deck ever was Zombie Tribal. It was a list I had updated quite a few times, most recently Sidisi's Zombie Arsenal. But then Varina, Lich Queen gave Zombies access to white, and all the Amonkhet goodies that came with the color- so I got the itch, and made a list. After play-testing, I just felt like the loss of green was too high... and was ready to quit.

But then Morophon, the Boundless came out, and I realized I could have all my zombie dreams come true! I could have green AND white! Oh, but thats not all! I realized that MTGWAR gave access to a lot of decent Red zombies too!


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So the list is huge. It can do a lot of cool stuff. The 5c mana-base best allows for the utility and ramp which is able to let this deck just keep on swinging, even after a board wipe, etc. There are so many must-answer cards you're able to get out early, or have redundancies for its incredible. No 'bombs' per say, but the end is much greater than the means with this list! I love it! Let me know if you think of any worthy additions, there are definitely some cards I could cut.


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