Are you a lover of the extravagant? Do you crave to show off constantly or just simply relish beating your friends down from out of nowhere? Well welcome to the Switcheroo everyone!!

This is the most consistent Modern deck I have played (outside the Infect build I started with) being able to beat down and even can be described as efficient in some cases. The deck uses aura swapping to enchant small Hexproof creatures with massive auras like Eldrazi Conscription or one of my personal favorites Celestial Mantle. Once the auras are attached to my already very evasive minions the beatings commence and the little guys go from prey to predator in a split second. So without further adieu we welcome you into the Conscription!!!

The interactions in this deck are simple and brutal. Small evasive creatures come into contact with enchantments like my Eldrazi Conscription , Celestial Mantle, or Gigantiform to make them the best they can be. This happens by activating Arcanum Wings ability to switch it out for any aura in my hand. See, simple yet brutal.

I will be tossing some cards into the maybeboard just to test out for an alotted amount of time as well a recorded win/lose ratio for each card. After I actually have a chance to analyze the outcomes I will choose what works and pack up what doesn't. I also want to hear from anyone reading this with opinions, suggestions on my sideboard to help cover my weaknesses, or simply express your infatuation with the all day breakfast menu McDonalds now has.

Feel free to leave suggestions or comments, give some feedback, upvote or even thank me for opening your eyes and showing you the way of life! :D

P.s. I am not a McDonalds representative, I just reeeeeaaaally like food


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