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Have been trying to get some form of a Tetsuko deck going that really makes me feel good. Nearly every creature is pure value and the idea is simple. Get Tetsuko out and swing swing swing. Really looking to make this as competitive as possible. So far it has held its own to U/W Approach and U/B Artifacts.


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This week had some changes that ultimately made this deck fire on all cylinders (for the most part) and overall for the night I went 2-1. I will update the deck list after I post this update and there are still a couple of changes I want to make.

Round 1 U/W approach 2-0 (the entire two games lasted maybe 10 minutes) Tetsuko, Tilonalli's Summoner, Mirage Mirror, Combat Celebrant and Admiral's Orders. Swing swing swing counter (settle the wreckage) gg.

Round 2 G/B Artifact 2-0 again Tetsuko with Tilonalli is just sooooooooo powerful I kept mana up for counters when I needed on top of Abrades and pushes my opponents board was pretty empty. I also played a Kari'Zev after combat phase with one just so I could push a Traxos off the board because that's a very serious problem for this deck.

Round 3 Red Black aggro 0-2 this was a frustrating loss. No matter how many answers I had and no matter how many creatures I played every single one of them my opponent did 5 times better. Just entirely too much burn and removal for this deck to handle. Chainwhirler is the devil and I hate them with a passion. I'd lose absolutely no sleep if it got wiped from existence.

Overall I felt like the deck performed extremely well there are just some things that have weaknesses and this decks weakness is removal (obviously) but when every card your opponent plays kills your creatures there is nothing that can be done other than hope for a couple turns of no action to get back on your feet.



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