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The Ninja Elephant Jellyfish God

Commander / EDH*



The frigid winds of the mountain's peak roared endlessly as I clutched my wounds and ventured further into the clouded unknown. Much to my surprise, the warm glow of a cabin window began to pierce the torrential snow in my vicinity. A large log home appeared before me, its front door was wide open. This is too good to be true, I thought to myself, as I hurried into the welcoming abode.

That was when I saw her. A fair elven maiden adorned in fine silk, beckoning me closer. For sure this was just a fantasy! But it was not, as everything around me was real - The cabin, the warm hearth, and the elegant elf. A pair of illustrous wings, as white as the snow outside, revealed themselves behind the elf. She was an angel! She reached over to the table to her side and lifted up a mug.

"Aye laddie, ye up fer some ale?"

For sure this dwarf can't be serious! Dwarven ale up in these parts? I was extremely thirsty, my waterskin had emptied many hours ago. As I approached the merfolk for the mug, she quickly darted around and hid behind the counter. What a fast ninja! I crept closer to investigate. What could be wrong? I thought a wizard would love some company right about now...

The aetherborn was not where I thought she'd be. Instead, the vampire sailed over my head as she artfully dashed for the door.

"Come back!" I gasped. "What's wrong?"

She was gone. I'd never seen a jellyfish move that fast. I sat down in front of the fire, trying to grasp at what had just happened. What a mysterious yet beautiful hellion she was. The face of a nymph, the curves of a snake, the wings of a thopter... She was everything I could imagine.

Many hours had passed, many mugs were emptied. The dragon was nowhere to be seen. What had caused my beloved fox from fleeing? Just as I had lost all hope in ever seeing her again, the door crashed open. It was her, In all of her elemental glory! Like a hydra, she snaked around my comfortable chair, our eyes finally met once more. Her spider-like eyes pierced my very soul... She was truly a magnificent plant. She was the spirit to my zombie, the gate to my wall, the pilot to my vehicle...

It hit me for 21 damage. I died.

A budget EDH deck utilizing a lesser-known commander.


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