Tremble at the terrifying powers of the Nightmare King! This is a black and blue casual budget deck that makes use of illusions, horrors, and anything else that I've personally deemed theme-appropriate. Being that it shares the colors of House Dimir, there's some milling to be found in here. I often play against this grinning fool by the name of J*key, and there's nothing more satisfying than watching him carefully take his precious, fancy cards and solemnly distribute them into the graveyard.


There's some rules that I kept in mind when I constructed this J*key-stomper, and they include these:

1.) Non-Nightmares Need Not Inquire | Now you may be wondering, "Surely, you've approached the idea of including non-nightmare creatures in order to shake up the list of spells your nemesis is no-doubt expecting you to cast!?" Of COURSE I've thought of that! And there's not a doubt in my mind that he's considered this as well, most likely anticipating that my paranoia will ultimately spare him from having to face a few extra nightmares--IT WON'T WORK, J*KEY--YOUR SUFFERING IS MINE TO BEHOLD!! ~ahem~ this here deck, you'll find only Horror, Nightmare Horror, and Illusion creature-types because it makes sense to me so quit asking about it already!

2.) Unaffiliated Illusions Only | These nightmares are mine to control. Horrors who have a tattoo (a.k.a. "watermark") of their chosen clan or guild (such as Horror of the Dim for example,) may not ride in the Nightmare King's company van. They've chosen their lot in life--much like that shadowy wretch, J*key. To hell with all them, I say.

3.) Nocturnal Abominations Don't Pay For Diapers | The inclusion of one of my favorite planeswalkers makes this deck expensive enough. I would love to have one or two Narcomoebas and maybe a couple Recurring Nightmares in here, but those can be endgame goals for this deck. The more of an ordinary, casual hobby this resembles, the less likely I'll get dragged off to rehab. And isn't it more praise-worthy to bring down that laughing demon J*key with ordinary and pedestrian weapons?? Let him wield those lavish, pearl-handled pistols... they won't save him from my cinder block.


Motivation: When building and/or playing the Nightmare King deck, it's important to keep in mind that raw fear and utter darkness swirl around you like ink from an octopus as the beyond-horrific imaginings of mortals frolic in depravity for your sadistic pleasure.

Concerns: Decks that thrive on a big graveyard would not be the ideal opponent for this deck. I'm worried that zombies aren't really concerned about bad dreams.


Updates Add

I made some hard decisions in order to increase the power of this deck. It was difficult, but I cut a number of cards that were just hanging out because I thought they were cool. Phantom Monster , Nether Horror , Diabolic Vision , and Chime of Night were a few of these heart-breaking removals, but I had to ask myself: "What the hell is this doing in here? Like, what is it actually DOING? WHAT is it supposed to DO!?" I even ripped out Spirit of the Night , which I thought would never happen. But how the hell can you justify that casting cost? It's so expensive!

It's hard to come to the realization that--despite a card being awesome, or a perfect fit as far as theme goes--it just won't help the deck play any better. Separating cards into separate piles for "coo_l" and "_effective" will be an eternal struggle for me as a deck-builder.


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