Special thanks to the one and only Emma Handy for developing and creating this deck!

Come check out the deck pop off and get ready for your daily morning dose of cheerios over at Tolarian Community College and the full video where Emma goes over the in's and outs' here: The New And Improved Chulane Cheerios.

Chulane Cheerios are all part of your daily does morning commander, utilizing a series of triggered abilities off of the bard Chulane. The only story he is going to tell players on your commander nights is draw, draw, draw by casting as many creatures as possible!

But if that doesn't fill you up there are plenty of things the deck does after you've draw your deck. You can produce infinite mana with plenty interaction with Cloudstone Curio or Intruder Alarm and the swath of mana-producing creatures. Ultimately Craterhoof Behemoth, Walking Ballista, and Thassa's Oracle will win you the game in this creature density deck. There are plenty lines of play that will have you reeling with delight with all the fun interactions and triggers from all the cards. Have fun!

Want more content from Emma Handy? Check out the following: Twitter: @Em_TeeGee Facebook: EmmaHandyMTG](http://facebook.com/EmmaHandyMTG) Articles: Emma Handy at Star City Games Emma's Podcast: The Playset


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