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The Never-Ending Zombie

Modern* Mono-Black Zombie



This is a low CMC Zombie Tribal, focused on creating a small swarm of low cost threats that are able to stick to the battlefield through most common removal.

Individual Explanations:


  1. Cryptbreaker : As a 1/1 for 1, the most important role this plays is either as straight card draw, or creating a decent sized blocker in an emergency.

  2. Diregraf Ghoul: A vanilla body to be used for blocking, attacking, and as a cheap way to use both Cryptbreaker 's second ability and Gravecrawler's recursion.

  3. Geralf's Messenger : The 'finisher' for the deck, it provides at least four damage from it's ETB triggers, while providing a large enough body to be a threat to opponents.

  4. Gravecrawler: One of the main threats of the deck, this is the recurrable 'workhorse', placing a lot of pressure early on the opponent.

  5. Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip : I chose this Lili over Liliana, the Last Hope due to her minus X, as well as her ultimate not only reanimating my own creatures, but my opponent's as well.

  6. Relentless Dead: Arguably the most important card in the deck, this zombie provides an evasive threat that can resurrect other zombies in the deck, as well as being difficult to permanently deal with.


  1. Bile Blight: This works as both a general-purpose removal spell, as well as an efficient semi-boardwipe against token decks.Hero's Downfall: A removal card used to deal with threats that can severely impact the board in an opponent's favor.

  2. Hero's Downfall: A removal card used to deal with threats that can severely impact the board in an opponent's favor.


  1. Sadistic Sacrament: This card is used to disrupt combo decks, as well as the remove grave-hate cards before they have the chance to be played.

  2. Sign in Blood: Simple card-draw to find the deck's main threats faster.

Any suggestions or comments you have are definitely appreciated. Do know that I am on a bit of a budget, so please take that into account, but any and all help is certainly welcome. Thank you.


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