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The Necromancer




When I think of a necromancer, I think of some guy who is arrogant in his ways. This deck is about being annoying and grave robbing. This deck is, mostly about zombies hordes, keeping your opponent on edge. With cards like Rain of Tears , Call to the Grave and just to Dash Hopes.

Lim-Dul the Necromancer and his savant, Necrosavant commanding the Army of the Damned who knows what will come about.

Sometimes you need a buddy to help make the magic happen, Magus of the Coffers helps

By using Waste Not and using spells like Stupor you can build your army.

As a Necromancer, he has his own Grimoire of the Dead as a just in case thing don't go his way.

And in his free time, Lim-Dul, does a little crafting to Engineered Plague s

Let know what you think. Any suggestions are helpful :D


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