Ever since I started playing Magic, I've wanted to build a successful Golem deck. Now, years later, I think I've at least found the skeleton of one.

The name comes from Isaac Asimov's novel The Naked Sun; it took place on a planet named Solaria, where robots vastly outnumbered humans, everyone considered themselves an expert on robots, and no one saw each other personally if they could help it, instead communicating via hologram. Similarly, this deck is focused on humans who are quickly outnumbered by their robot creations, they're all expert roboticists, and they are constantly flickering, much like insubstantial holograms.

So, this deck has 8 mainboard cards that flicker my creatures, 8 of which can be used repeatedly.

4 Ephemerate provide fast, cheap blinking. In this deck, a strictly better Cloudshift.

4 Soulherder provide my repeat blinking, as well as provide big bodies to go on the attack.

Blade Splicer, Master Splicer, and Wing Splicer form the core of my deck, and are my favored targets for blinking. They are my Golem lords, and make my army of Golems far scarier than their sheer numbers.

As we're going wide with my Golem army, we're also going tall, not only with Soulherder, but also with Champion of the Parish. He grows each time the Splicers are blinked, but also comes out early and gets pumped by Unsettled Mariner and Watcher for Tomorrow. One of my most dangerous threats, especially once Arcane Adaptation hits the field.

Flooded Strand, Nimbus Maze, Prairie Stream and Watcher for Tomorrow help provide consistency and speed to this deck; Familiar's Ruse and Unsettled Mariner provide a little control.

Aether Vial fits great in this deck, allowing me to put out my creatures quickly and uncounterably, while still holding up mana for reactions against my opponent. And Arcane Adaptation turns every creature in my deck into a Golem, allowing all of them to take advantage of my Splicers' powerups.

Anyway, that's the idea behind this deck. I'm not the most experienced player, and I'm very open to other's advice, so whatever you have to give is most appreciated. Thank you.


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