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"The Music of Destruction" By Wolfgang M.




Just your "Standard" wolf-werewolf deck. (Bu-dum, tiss) Anyway, I felt like I needed a standard deck, because standard tournaments are easier to find, so I kind of just threw this together.

This deck is mainly just summon wolves, power them up, win. Although, it does have good combos and strategies. For example: Hermit of the Natterknolls goes well with Sage of Ancient Lore. One of my favourites goes something like this: Equestrian Skill on any Werewolf. They get +3/+3 either way, but now they have trample on one side and are stronger and sometimes better abilities on the other. Practically tells the opponent to pick their poison.

Finally, as usual, this deck needs a bit of help for it to become competitive, so I would love any suggestions. Please note though, because of life and reasons, any suggestions won't be able to be acted upon for a few weeks, unless I already have the card(s) suggested in my collection.


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