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The Most Stupid Deck That Wins Ever

Modern Budget Burn Combo Jank Primer U/R (Izzet)


Ultra-Budget Jank!

You might already see that I call this "ultra-budget" even though it costs more than 100 US dollars. (Which is still very budget for Modern.) The reason why this is is because I entered the entire decklist in foil! (It looks awesome, alright?) Another reason for the high price, despite it being budget, is because in this decklist, I run three Boseiju, Who Shelters All which is 20 US Dollars each. If the deck had no foils, three Boseijus would cost more than 3 times the ENTIRE DECK! Crazy huh? Obviously if you don't feel like spending $100 on a "jank deck", replace the Boseijus with more Islands and Mountains and (obviously) don't get foils. The deck afterward (excluding basic lands) would cost about 21 (or less) US dollars.

Ok, now into the actual deck. First thing. NEVER keep a hand without Treasure Hunt, even if you have to mulligan all the way down to one card. Because of all the cards that would be put into your hand because of the 54 lands in this deck, you would get tons of lands into your hand until you get something. Only play Treasure Hunt on turn three so you could hopefully play the Reliquary Tower you might have drawn from your deck. If you didn't get a Reliquary Tower from the Treasure Hunt, get ready for Game 2.

After the Treasure Hunt, you would be getting either a Lightning Storm or another Treasure Hunt. If you topdecked the Lightning Storm from the Treasure Hunt or if you don't have 17 lands in hand, then scoop. When you draw a Lightning Storm eventually, you would hopefully have a ton of lands in your hand. You get enough red mana to cast it and kill your opponent- hopefully on turn four. However, the combo can still go off smoothly on turn five or six or seven or literally any other turn, so don't scoop yet!

  • The Lands

Reliquary Tower, as explained before, is here to make sure you won't have to discard any cards when you end your turn.

Boseiju, Who Shelters All is to make sure your opponent won't counter your Treasure Hunt or Lightning Storm. If your Treasure Hunt or Lightning Storm gets countered, and you don't have any replacements, get ready for Game 2.

The sideboard swaps out the Lightning Storms with Zombie Infestations and the Mountains with Swamps. These swaps literally make a new deck to counter different tricks and strategies they might be sideboarding in for. The most important things to watch out for are Leyline of Sanctity, Orbs of Warding, or other hexproof giving effects. Another card in the Sideboard, Nephalia Academy, can counter popular discard spells such as Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek.

For some it may be more fun to put down an enormous horde of 2/2 Zombie Tokens than to just burn opponents, and fun is what really matters here right?

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