I know there are better voltron commanders out there, but I really want to focus on white's weakness and try and overcome it. I chose Danitha because of her cost reduction and lifelink/vigilance. The lifelink will help to draw out the game and the vigilance will allow me to cause constant pressure while leaving myself a blocker. I am not focused on a quick win like a typical voltron deck does, but rather accruing value throughout the game that white typically lacks and winning the war of attrition.

How does white generate mana/card advantage? Taxes and board wipes... lots of them. Oh yea, and single target removal that costs 1 mana so let's throw those in there! Snow covered plains are the cheapest snow land and besides, winter is coming. So lets get Extraplanar Lens and search for it quickly using artifact tutors. We can use equipment tutors to search up a Sword of Feast and Famine to gain mana advantage as well. . Aura's aren't typically great in the event that our commander is destroyed, let's only use ones that can easily be recurred, draw us a card at a discounted rate, or make our commander indestructible or have protection from creatures. Yes, I know that protection from creatures is cheap, but c'mon we are playing mono-white and our commander is an uncommon! Throw us a bone every once in a while.

Without the recent additions of Endless Atlas , Dawn of Hope , Smothering Tithe , and even Isolated Watchtower I do not think I would be attempting a mono-white deck due to all of it's glaring weaknesses. But, alas, here we are.

Let me know what you think!


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