My take on Goblins for the interim period of having M12 and M13.

Build up a shite load of tokens with Mob Boss and then smack them with Hellrider getting loads of damage over the top before they block, hopefully finishing them off with the actual attack or maybe a burn or two.Arms Dealer is great for being sneaky and throwing goblins around the sides of combat instead of actually reaching combat.And if you get a Slumbering Dragon down it will make them hesitant to attack you, giving you more opportunity to build up your goblin army and chuck it at their face.

Sideboard suggestions would be appreciated. Dismember and Smelt are useful for match ups against anything prot red (swords are the bane of my existence)Grafdigger's for Delver and Zombies to stop stuff returning from the dead.Metamorph is just a solid card, especially if their deck focuses on one big fatty. Also helps to kill that bastard Geist of Saint Traft


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