The Misty Mountains

Borobrygmos Enraged is a creature that as soon as he was spoiled I knew was begging to be turned into a general for EDH.

Multiple abilities, fun triggers, and in colors to support his higher mana cost just screamed perfect.

It didn't take long for an initial rough draft to be put together, and thanks to a friend at my local card shop and an hour or so digging through boxes, the deck was built.

Despite having a casting cost of eight, Borborygmos Enraged can show up on the board far earlier due to powerful mana ramp while still having enough land fodder in hand to keep him protected.

Named after the guttural song from "The Hobbit", this is "The Misty Mountains."

The Interactions

This deck is filled with fantastic interactions between tons of cards. The synergy with the cards help power enough damage to clear boards, kill multiple players, or fill your hand with threats and answers.

While I prefer playing colors that regularly look something like Esper, there is so many unique lines of play that it is quite satisfying to pilot successfully no matter what kind of deck you prefer.

Let's get to the tricks and shenanigans!

Interaction #1: Forgotten Cave + Life from the Loam

This combo can keep your hand filled with potential Lightning Bolts for days. While Forgotten Cave can be replaced with any of the cycle lands in the deck, the premise is the same.

Cycle the land, trigger Life from the Loam, return two lands and the cycle land back to your hand, and repeat the process till you run out of mana or until you have all the cards you need.

Interaction #2: Abundance + Sylvan Library

This is a tricky interaction that some people may not believe. Sylvan Library allows you to draw up to two additional cards a turn however Abundance is a replacement modifier allowing you to search for lands instead.

This circumvents the need to pay life since you used a replacement modifier on the draw trigger and actually didn't draw a card.

The flexibility here is fantastic. Need non-lands? Draw some extra cards. Want up to 3 extra Lightning Bolts a turn? Go for it.

Interaction #3: Knollspine Dragon and attacking/discarding

This is one of the most explosive plays you can make. If you attack with Borborygmos Enraged , discard as much land as you can and follow it up with that guy, you are often drawing 16 to 17 cards. If you have the aforementioned Abundance , it's safe to say you can kill everyone at the table in a 3-4 player game.

Interaction #4: Borborygmos Enraged + Snake Umbra

This one is fairly obvious as it turns any land you pitch to your general as an additional draw as well. Once again, combining beautifully with Abundance to end the game. Snake Umbra can also be replaced with Keen Sense .

Solo All-Stars

Sometimes you don't need combos to make a card be devastating for you, and this deck certainly has it's fair share and they are probably obvious.

Praetor's Counsel will simply return your entire graveyard to your and let you hold as many cards as you want all game long. This is especially appealing for all that land you may or may have discarded already or any of our beloved enchantments that might have been blown up.

Creeping Renaissance will read "return all lands from your graveyard to your hand" roughly 99% of the time. Which is something we are perfectly ok with.

Grafted Exoskeleton is a nasty trick because it most certainly does not say combat damage only. This turns any 4 lands into instant death due to infect counters.

Illusionist's Bracers will trigger twice for every land you discard furthering their potency even more. Don't underestimate this equipment.

Cost-to-Power Ratio

Another great point about this deck is how inexpensive it can be to build. The expensive cards in my list such as Riding the Dilu Horse are not considered necessities and can easily be replaced by different creatures or more mana acceleration or card draw.

Very few of the pricey cards are integral to the decks functioning. Even Crucible of Worlds could be omitted from the list in order to help keep it under budget and suffer very little in effectiveness in most games.

If you are on a budget, especially if you are someone who loves red and green, I would highly encourage Borborygmos Enraged as an option. I put a rough draft of a $50 version of this deck which can be viewed here.


Updates Add

Added cards from War of the Spark. Nissa doubles our mana production (for forests anyways). The new Domri was added as well since it is reusable mana ramp and a static creature effect. I am going to test adding the new Jaya in replace of Summoner's Pact or Chord of Calling to buff Borborygmos land throwing effect from 3 damage to 4 damage.


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