Full disclosure, I do not own this deck. I just thought it was cool.

This list is not only built with cards with flavourful art, but also to work flavourfully too.

We all thought that El closed The Gate ... but we were wrong

And now, some pesky Russians are trying to open it again. They’ve built a giant inter dimensional cannon that runs off an Electrostatic Field ... but what they don’t realise is what’s on the other side... and what wants to come back Through the Breach ...

The mindflayer Show

The Stratergy Show

The Demigorgan Show

Interesting/horrible combos Show

The deck list is still under construction and I’ll be adding in more spells as I get chance. I’m considering running a structure that would allow us to filter the top of the deck for the cascade triggers. Maybe running sensei’s diving top and a few other combos.


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