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The ~$40 Marriage Of Card Draw And Ramp

Commander / EDH Budget Casual G/U (Simic) Multiplayer Ramp


A budget Rashmi deck that I will eventually write a primer for.

The main idea behind the deck is a budget value based Rashmi list that works with cheap big threats, card draw, and since counters cycle with rashmi in play, we get a lot of value. Once you have this value, you can either hurl it sideways or win with an Overrun or something of the sort.

This deck is currently sitting under $35 but the manabase may be changed with time to increase the budget to $40.

This price is of course an estimate and can be much lower or higher depending upon what is currently within stock.

This deck is intended to be budget, and will stay budget.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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